OB Van Solutions

OB Van Solutions

We are very pleased to announce that VTI delivers 2 State-of-art 10 Camera HD OB vans to Indian National Broadcaster; Doordarshan Kendra Mumbai and Delhi. These the tailor-made and specifically designed OB Vans, is equipped with a Video Production Room, Audio booth with Dolby surround sound production, CCU Desk, Slow Motion & Record / Play desk to match with specified work flow within 12mtrs (or less) length of the Vehicle. Also incorporated are dedicated space slots for 10 Camera storage, 10 x 300mtr OFC Motorized Drums, 4 x 300mtr Audio Cable Motorized Drums, 1 x 100mtr Power Cable Motorized Drum, 10 x Tripod Dolly’s. The highest measures of quality standards and innovative production tools were used to ensure a highly flexible and innovative vehicle, additionally in the shortest time with comfortably sized working areas providing enough space, to even manage large productions in a relaxed way.

VTI has the experience and understands the business and technical challenges of integrating and commissioning an Outside Broadcast Van. Through this experience and understanding, and in close consultation with our customer, our design and implementation team ensures that the delivered OB solution meet the customer’s current and future looking technical and commercial requirements, while maintaining a focus on quality, functionality and operational flexibility.

Whether you require a large High Definition van or a smaller Standard Definition SD/HD switchable production van, VTI can provide a solution to perfectly fit your needs, at the same time allowing costs and delivery time compression. From a simple 4-camera production van, to customized off-road DSNG vehicles to 10 HD EFP cameras HD OB Van, VTI has supplied high-tech, user friendly and robust Vans to its customers in India.

We combine our know-how and experience with an advanced and innovative design which enables us to offer solutions for news, sports or special events production vehicles that are fully integrated to provide an optimum working environment for the operators.

VTI also provides services for complete refurbishment of existing vehicles to make them HD or 4K production compatible, increasing the productivity of ageing fleets with least operational downtime. With the increasing demand for 4K and HD Solutions under restricted budgets, VTI’s refurbishment services to upgrade OB fleets making the Vans ready to face new production challenges, not only enables the organizations to gain a competitive edge offered by the latest technology but also provides an improved return on investment by extending the life of existing systems.