IIT, Bombay

Account’s Name: The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Location: Mumbai (India)

Year: 2014

Established in 1958, the second of its kind, IIT Bombay was the first to be set up with foreign assistance.

The institute is recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of engineering education and research. IIT Bombay also builds links with peer universities and institutes, both at the national and the international levels, to enhance research and enrich its educational Programmes. 

Their mission is to provide the best possible educational facilities for training bright students for careers in technology and science.

VTI has given the contribution to complete their project for setting up 3 Nos of HD Class Rooms with Panasonic Robotic Cameras, Panasonic HPX3100, HPX250 and accessories With Log Insertion facility in 2014

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