DSNG / Teleport Solutions

DSNG / Teleport Solutions

We have designed and supplied tailor made 92 nos. of C-Band & KU Band DSNG Vans of various configurations that is (1+1) & (1+0) with varied brands of equipment; Antenna / Compression equipment / Monitoring Equipment, fabricated on different vehicles and supplied to Doordarshan and Private News Channels.

We are specialist in designing and manufacturing of Digital Satellite News Gathering Vans with our experience extending over 10 years in this vertical. Using our accumulated knowledge and experience in the outside broadcast world news, we aim to provide robust and fully featured mobile satellite news gathering solutions that enable customers to get the best coverage and open up to a whole new way of flexible news gathering.

Through our rack-ready build vehicle designs we aim to provide great work space and easy equipment installation, complete with air conditioning and independent power distribution – a Complete Compact DSNG Solution. We ensure the use of Superior quality materials to provide best possible interior and exterior finish.

VTI also provides services for complete upgradation / refurbishment of existing vehicles, increasing the productivity of ageing fleets with least operational downtime. VTI’s refurbishment services to upgrade DSNG fleets, not only enables the organizations to gain a competitive edge offered by the latest technology but also provides an improved return on investment by extending the life of existing systems.

VTI has its own Commercial Teleport at Noida, which is SD / HD, MPEG-4 / DVB-S2 ready with 14 Nos. of Playout Booths. Also VTI has undertaken turnkey Installation of Teleports for Focus TV Noida with 4+1 MCPC Chain and Positive TV Guhawati with 4+1 MCPC Chain.