Archiving Solution & Services

Archiving Solution & Services

Worried about digitizing your MASSIVE Tape Library when VTR’s are on the brim of becoming obsolete!

It is now time to digitize your video tape content to more reliable cost-effective media, creating a database for Easy Search, Direct Playback and Content Retrieval.

Known as the industry leader as broadcast system integrator for over 20 years, VTI has very recently expanded its services in the field of Video/Audio Archiving. Your one-stop video archiving services are now available with VTI offering Digitalisation of content customised to match the customer’s requirements.

The aim of our archiving service is to provide an optimized comprehensive, storage solution system for long-term data retention.

We have equipped our self in collaboration with Panasonic with an Archiving facility at our corporate office in Noida. Through this facility we will provide following end to end solution:

a. Cleaning of old tapes.
b. Digitalization of Video Content
c. Correction of Audio, Video content.
d. Creation of basic as well as Special Meta data as required
e. Transferring the tapes to LTO Cartridges.