Streaming Solutions

VTI Offers a Solution for Live Streaming from AVIWEST, France.

AVIWEST’s DMNG (Digital Mobile News Gathering) system is the most advanced and comprehensive video hybrid contribution platform, for live broadcast-quality streaming of video over bonded IP networks: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and satellite networks, such as BGAN, THURAYA and KA band. Using the system, broadcasters and other video professionals can flawlessly capture and broadcast live HD or SD video, leveraging available bonded IP Networks.

In the broadcast industry, time is of the essence. People want to know the news as and when it happens. To deliver breaking news and live events with speed and agility, broadcasters need portable, cost-effective, and reliable video solutions that can be used from any location around the world.

Video quality and efficiency are also important. As consumer demand for HD content increases, broadcasters require video solutions that enable the delivery of high-quality video content at the lowest possible bit rates over networks that may be congested or impacted by weather conditions.

With AVIWEST, live content streaming can be undertaken done in any of these 3 ways.

The Auto-record function which allows recording a high quality video file while streaming live at lower resolution and bitrate.

The Store & Forward Function, where you record a high quality video file on the SD card and forward any type of file from a mass-storage device (SD card or USB key) to the DMNG Studio.

The Progressive Store & Forward Function, where a high quality video file is recorded and forwarded progressively to the remote receiver while recording simultaneously.

AVIWEST’s DMNG systems have been deployed by a number of international, national, and local TV channels, news agencies and video service operators to cover breaking news, conduct interviews, and produce live television shows. They are the perfect solution for broadcast and online media applications based on their compact design; increased flexibility, reliability, and affordability; and ability to provide crystal-clear video despite varying or poor network conditions.