Media Asset Management Streamline

Media Asset Management Streamline

Ross Video XPression Graphics Media Asset Management Solution
Price : ₹5,00,001.00

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Price : ₹5,00,001.00

Be the first to review this product

  • Work Order Management

  • Asset Organization and Search

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Extensive Metadata Tagging and Proxy

  • Drag and Drop Operations

  • Asset Lifecycle Management

  • MOS Enabled

  • Placeholder Support

  • Unicode Compliant

  • User Rights and Management

  • LDAP and ActiveDirectory


Streamline Primary Capabilities

The browser based system is easy for your users to learn, to get access, and to work collaboratively.

  • Getting started is as simple as opening up a Web browser on a Windows or Mac computer and beginning to use the system
  • By putting all of the key features right at users fingertips, the browser-based user interface is designed to make both experienced users and beginners alike be productive
  • Being browser-based permits remote users to easily login to the system via a VPN link anytime they are in the field and to do anything that local users are capable of
  • As multiple users browse and link assets, and work order fulfillment is easily handled by a team either remotely or locally via a browser, usage becomes highly collaborative

A full set of processes, tools, and management functions provide you with a centralized system for consolidating your productions.

  • To capture new content, users have comprehensive tools to ingest and catalog assets
  • An extensive set of capabilities are provided to search and link assets to stories and graphics templates, and for finding and filtering assets to discover the right content
  • Processes take care of transporting assets to make sure they arrive where they are needed and when they are needed seamlessly behind the scenes
  • Taking advantage of work order requests and management permits users to better allocate their time and talents with prioritization of tasks and pending deadlines
  • Extensive metadata and tagging capabilities permits organization of assets and tags them appropriately in a way that fits organizational requirements
  • Video and graphics can be previewed with automatic proxy and thumbnail creation
  • Rich reporting features work to identify key resources and areas of waste or overhead, permitting better utilization of people and resources
  • Manage routine graphics creation, and enable anyone in the newsroom to quickly create on-air graphics into templates
  • Asset transfers can be automated to playout devices

Integration of modern IT standards and practices produces a solution that is easy for you to integrate and interconnect into a variety of production environment

  • The system runs on both Windows and Mac OS, with support for most major browsers for easy connectivity for all users
  • News production workflows are supported through integration via MOS with newsroom computer systems
  • For adherence to strict security standards, there is full support for secure socket layer (SSL) technology encrypts all client to server communications
  • The system installs entirely in a facility or data center, and is completely self-managed

Streamline is the central hub for your production processes. The system includes connectivity with a range of Ross Video production solutions to extend your production capabilities.

Graphics are a critical type of media asset. Instead of delegating graphics as a less important element as compared to video, Streamline makes graphics a central aspect of production. Streamline interfaces with XPression motion graphics systems via a drag and drop interface. You can search for an asset inside of Streamline and simply drag and drop it into the newsroom or through the graphics plugin to other systems.

Streamline provides lifecycle management of assets for multiple usage models. Stills can be pushed directly into Acuity and Carbonite production switchers, MC1 master control, or different video servers for playout.

OverDrive reads Streamline assets in a manner that makes it simple to automate the playout of graphics, stills and video with a variety of video servers.

An increase in the number of programs and types of events to complete along with pressure on operational expenses, means you need to optimize the usage rates of your production infrastructure. Streamline is a production tool that empowers individual users, enables creative collaboration, and makes your production staff more efficient and agile.

With Streamline you can enforce asset approvals before they are used, and only allow approved assets on-air.

When placeholders are created in advance of an asset being fulfilled, you can actually link that placeholder to a graphic or a story in the newsroom. Once fulfillment is completed, the asset will be automatically pulled by the graphics system, or pushed to a designated device.

By loading a rundown from the newsroom, Streamline production asset management functionality automatically pushes all your necessary assets to destinations across the network, and then also cleans up the server/target after a specified period of time.

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