Setting up a TV / News / Production Studio

Build or Upgrade a Studio with the help of VTI.

VTI offers solutions to its clients to design and integrate studio facilities to deliver industry-leading broadcast integration solutions. Besides traditional Broadcaster, today more and more business and organizations outside of traditional media are looking for Broadcast and studio facilities. Whether you are developing your first in-house studio or are a veteran of the broadcasting industry, our in-house engineering team has the skills and experience to design, build and install any broadcast facility. We partner with our clients to choose the right equipment for the project or production in their available budget.

We can manage any project, whether it's an upgrade or expansion of an existing facility, a brand new HD or Ultra HD multi-camera studio installation or a web studio.

With a wide range of experience in setting-up studios, from a small corporate television studio to a large scale broadcast studio facility installation to a studio set-up for Educational Institutes, we'll take care of the entire designing, installation and commissioning of the broadcast equipment.